Rehabilitation 'more effective straight after knee surgery'

Starting rehabilitation sooner rather than later could pay off for people who have undergone knee arthroplasty surgery.

This is according to research recently published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation.

The study found that both patients and hospitals could benefit from commencing physical therapy within 24 hours of surgery to reduce hospital stays and improve pain and the range of joint motion and muscle strength demonstrated by the patient.

Patients who began their rehabilitation treatment within 24 hours of surgery were compared with those who started treatment 48 to 72 hours after their operation in a random, controlled clinical trial.

Adelaida Castro Sanchez from the University of Almeria commented on the results: "Orthopaedics, especially knee replacement surgery, is one area that may lend itself to accelerated discharge.

"We therefore postulated that early rehabilitation after total knee arthroplasty could accelerate the capacity of patients for daily life activities, and reduce their hospital stay."



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Rehabilitation 'more effective straight after knee surgery'
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