Ramsay Health Care launches package for private patients

Ramsay Health Care has launched an innovative service package to differentiate services for private patients – the first provider in the UK to do so.

Ramsay, which operates over 40 hospitals in England, has been treating a growing number of NHS patients over the last few years, having built up strong relationships with local Primary Care Trusts and GPs.  However, private patients remain the company’s core business.  The Premium Care package was launched to ensure that private patients continue to see a clear, fair and distinct benefit from their investment.

Jill Watts, Ramsay’s UK Chief Executive Officer, explains: “Following discussions with patients, staff and insurance providers, Ramsay has developed a full package that provides a premium service through every stage of the patient journey.  Private patients, whether by paying for medical insurance or choosing to self-fund their treatment, naturally expect good value for money.  Insured or self-pay patients can now come for treatment at Ramsay and be guaranteed a superior experience.”

The Premium Care package focuses on the areas that patients feel are the most important.  These include the patient’s full choice of Consultant, flexible choice of appointment, and priority referral to treatment.  Premium Care also means that patients receive superior hotel services throughout their stay.

Jill Watts continues: “All patients, whether private or NHS, receive an excellent standard of clinical and customer care, a friendly local service, low infection rates, and a faster referral to treatment time than the national NHS guidelines.  But with Premium Care, patients can go that step further.  We believe that Premium Care is setting the standard for private healthcare.”

The Premium Care package has been compared to the customer service model long used by quality airlines.  Jill Watts explains: “When we travel by aeroplane, we all expect to reach our destination safely and be treated with courtesy and respect by the airline staff.  However while some passengers choose a standard level of service, others choose to pay extra to fly first or business class.  This is our approach with Premium Care.”



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Ramsay Health Care launches package for private patients
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