Obesity 'may harm earning potential'

Half of obese people in Britain may be damaging their financial stability as well as their health, a new survey suggests.

A survey by the Hospital Group - one of the UK's leading providers of private obesity treatment found that 46 per cent of obese Britons earn less than the national average of £20,000.

Researchers questioned 2,056 adults and found that those with the most severe weight problems typically spend nearly 60 per cent more on food each week than their normal-weight counterparts.

The survey also revealed that 45 per cent of obese people are unable to play freely with their children because of their weight, while 22 per cent think their family members are embarrassed or concerned about their size.

Cirian Marie-Beddoes, head of weight management services at the Hospital Group, commented: "If we don't start to take control of this problem, a whole generation will become too unfit to live their lives fully.

"The Real Cost of Obesity report has shown just that - already the obese in Britain are suffering in their careers, family life and health."

Meanwhile, a survey by the British Society of Gastroenterology - reported in the Guardian - has found that most people are unaware that obesity is linked to certain cancers and liver problems.

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Obesity 'may harm earning potential'
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