Obesity drug trialled

An alternative obesity treatment is being trialled in the UK to help the unborn children of obese women avoid health complications.

The treatment is administering metformin, a diabetes drug, to pregnant women who are overweight three times a day.

They are being given the drug from 12 weeks of gestation until birth in the hope to combat the fact that overweight women generally supply too much food to their growing baby.

A placebo group will also be used to monitor the findings.

According to the research team, around 15 per cent of pregnant women arriving at hospitals in the UK are obese.

Larger babies are known to be more likely to become obese themselves in later life and there are a number of other health risks for both mother and child when the parent is obese.

To avoid this, women are generally advised to achieve a healthy weight before conceiving.


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Obesity drug trialled
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