Non-surgical cosmetic treatment fastest growing industry

Non-surgical cosmetic surgery is the fastest-growing area in aesthetics, a survey has revealed.

Research by Cosmetic News magazine found that 88 per cent of women and 61 per cent of men are having non-surgical injectable cosmetic treatments to look more youthful, although doctors predicted that the natural look would come into fashion this year.

For women, the most popular treatment was found to be botulinum toxin injections (47 per cent), followed by dermal fillers (31 per cent).

Dr Patrick Bowler, co-founder and fellow of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, commented: "Non-surgical treatments are the most popular and fastest growing area in aesthetics.

"It is pleasing to note the trend for natural looks rather than the overdone, overcooked appearances of the last decade. Subtle use of botulinum toxins and the latest fillers is the way forward."

The survey also revealed that 84 per cent of doctors believed that sunbeds should be banned and 55 per cent said that sun damage was the most significant cause of ageing.


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Non-surgical cosmetic treatment fastest growing industry
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