New UK study on healthy lifestyles

Despite the doom-laden forecasts of an obese nation lying back on its collective sofa covered in biscuit crumbs, it appears that the true picture is much healthier, according to new research for health insurer Standard Life Healthcare.

Three out of four of us actually get pleasure from leading a healthy lifestyle, says the Being Healthy study, Two out of three spend more money on maintaining that healthy lifestyle than we did 10 years ago.

We don't like being preached at; though - fewer than eight per cent follow the teachings of TV programmes such as You Are What You Eat and Diet Doctors! While half are reasonably brave and say they love trying new health food concoctions, three out of ten were a little more petulant, saying 'why eat something if you don't like it?'

'We were delighted to find such positive news'   says Mike Hall, chief executive of Standard Life Healthcare. He ads ' But in terms of spending money on health and fitness information, there is so much conflicting advice out there that it's vital to know that what you're being told is medically validated. That's why we developed new smart medical insurance that includes a medically validated health and wellbeing service-, which is interactive and accessible 24 hours a day. That provides real peace of mind, and we're finding that it's one of the most popular aspects of our customers' healthcare planning. ‘


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New UK study on healthy lifestyles
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