New life insurance policy for vegetarians

Animal Friends Insurance, a not-for-profit insurance business, has launched a life insurance product aimed at vegetarians.

They argue that despite the fact non-meat eaters are less likely to suffer from a range of chronic diseases, vegetarians do not pay less for their life cover and are therefore subsidising meat eaters.

A survey by Animal Friends Insurance of 2,008 people in the UK found that around 2.2m people have not eaten red or white meat over the past 12 months and a further 1.26m people plan to stop eating it between now and June next year.

Although the cover is available to everyone, the company said non-meat eaters can get a 6% discount on their premiums.

Elaine Fairfax, managing director of Animal Friends Insurance, says: “The risk of vegetarians suffering from some cancers is reduced by up to 40% and from heart disease by up to 30%, but despite this they have to pay the same life insurance premiums as meat eaters. We believe this is unfair and the life insurance industry needs to acknowledge the fact that being a vegetarian can have a very positive impact on life expectancy and reduce premiums accordingly.”

The product is white-labelled by protection provider LV=.

The vegetarian insurance option is not totally new. The pet insurer launched this product six years ago, however, it was withdrawn from the market after a few months after the firm was let down by the third party that was dealing with the scheme.

Animal Friends, is a unique not-for-profit Pet Insurer, who donates all net profits to animal charities. Founder Elaine Fairfax set up the business as she wanted to combine her business skills with her passion for animals.

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New life insurance policy for vegetarians
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