New cosmetic surgery after weight loss service

Leading weight loss surgery provider, The Hospital Group, has now added to its weight loss service with a bespoke cosmetic surgery service for patients who have lost a lot of weight.  

Having helped people lose literally tonnes of weight over the years, The Hospital Group’s team really understand that drastic weight loss can take its toll on your body, leaving:  

  • Loose / excess skin
  • Pockets of resistant fat
  • Lack of shape / contour
  • Droopy arms, stomach or thighs
  • Flabby, saggy appearance

While exercise can help to a certain extent to tone the areas affected, when large areas of skin are “too big” for your new body, surgery is most often the only solution to achieve a streamlined physique.

As leaders in cosmetic surgery, The Hospital Group is ideally placed to help. 

A spokesperson for the Company said: “Each year, we help thousands of patients to lose weight with procedures  such as the gastric band, bypass, balloon and sleeve.   

"Many of these then go on to have cosmetic surgery with us to achieve a good body shape.  The most popular procedures are breast uplift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and arm lift.  However, for more sophisticated requirements, our expert GMC-registered cosmetic surgeons offer the full range of post-bariatric surgery procedures to enable our patients to complete their transformation, including body lift, buttock lift and thigh lift.  For patients that have lost significant weight, we can arrange a bespoke programme of surgeries to deal with the excess skin and give a lean, smooth silhouette to show off their new shape.

"We always warn weight loss patients at the outset about the risk of excess skin when they lose weight.  This can look unappealing and they should know what to expect.  However, the health and life-span benefits of losing weight far outweigh the cosmetic issues concerning loose skin.  Patients tell us it’s a good kind of problem to have.  For many, cosmetic surgery to ‘nip and tuck’ after weight loss is a reward for succeeding in losing so much weight.

"We offer a free consultation with our GMC registered Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons.  Patients booking weight loss surgery with us will also receive a voucher for up to £500 on any cosmetic surgery that they book after losing weight.”

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New cosmetic surgery after weight loss service
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