More men are seeking surgery to look good

According to figures released by leading cosmetic surgery provider The Hospital Group, there has been a massive surge in men seeking cosmetic surgery procedures.

Hair transplants, ear reshaping and liposuction top the list as the most popular procedures for men in 2010.

With many male celebrities sporting toned tums and firm physiques it comes as no surprise to learn that the Hospital Group has seen a 117 per cent increase in popularity in liposuction procedures since 2009 with many men seeking the procedure to help them get rid of unwanted love handles.

And it seems that men’s interest in looking good doesn’t stop there with The Hospital Group reporting a 92 per cent rise in popularity for ear reshaping and a 49 per cent increase in the amount of men  interested in having hair transplants since 2009 to achieve a full head of lushes locks to boost their thinning tresses and confidence.

David Ross, Chief executive of The Hospital Group, which has 19 clinics across the UK said: “We have seen a large increase in the amount of men looking to improve their appearance. It’s no longer predominantly women who take pride in the way they look, men are also keen to make the best of themselves.

“If someone feels self conscious about their looks it can impact on every aspect of their life causing them to feel down and lose confidence at work as well as their social life.

“Getting a little help to make you look and make you feel your best can make a huge difference to a person’s outlook and can restore the confidence they lacked before.

“At The Hospital Group our consultants ensure that, as well as having an absolute need for the procedure, the patient understands that surgery isn’t a miracle cure and they would need to work to achieve the healthier lifestyle they desire”

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More men are seeking surgery to look good
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