Migraine gene identified

A gene linked with migraine pain has been identified for the first time.

TRESK was discovered in families with a history of suffering from the condition by researchers based at the University of Oxford.

Lee Tomkins, director of Migraine Action, commented: "What this research does now is it gives us a whole new area for scientists and physicians to really explore.

"I don't think anyone thinks this is the only gene, but this is the first gene that has been identified."

Migraines are a widespread health problem within the UK, with one in seven people suffering from the condition.

However, migraines affect more than twice as many women as men, despite the fact that people of all age groups are vulnerable to the condition.

Ms Tomkins added that this latest discovery will provide scientists with a "fantastic target" for the development of new treatments and techniques for managing migraines.


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Migraine gene identified
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