Men's attitude to cosmetic surgery 'almost the same as women's'

The way men look at cosmetic surgery is very similar to women's attitudes, according to a new study.

In research conducted on behalf of Viridian Medical, people across the UK were asked whether they would consider having liposuction surgery and the results for men and women were only 0.7 per cent apart.

The company suggests that men may be feeling an added pressure on their body image over the last few years and that is why we are seeing these results.

While 46.2 per cent of men said they would think about it, 45.5 per cent of women said they would consider having this form of cosmetic surgery.

Viridian Medical is a non-surgical cosmetic services provider run by Dr Bea Brookes, which, in October, will be opening the first ever VASER system to be available in a private hospital.

In comparing the different areas of the UK, the survey results indicated that people in Scotland were most likely to consider liposuction, with 50 per cent saying they might do, followed by Wales with 33 per cent.

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Men's attitude to cosmetic surgery 'almost the same as women's'
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