Men encouraged to talk about cancer treatment

A cancer charity has encouraged people to be more open about their illness to allow doctors to provide them with effective cancer treatment.

Research from the Prostate Cancer Charity revealed that one in three people are unwilling to discuss their health concerns with their loved ones.

Men were particularly quiet on the subject, with one in eight saying that they would not even advise someone to talk to a doctor.

Dr Sarah Cant, head of policy and campaigns at the Prostate Cancer Charity, commented: "A lot of people don't like talking about cancer, people are afraid of the disease. Actually a lot of prostate cancers are very treatable and in some cases, don't need any treatment."

The charity revealed that 35,000 men are diagnosed in the UK every year with prostate cancer.

Despite this, less than half are able to name a single symptom of the disease.

Ms Cant emphasised the fact that there are various cancer treatments available following diagnosis.


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Men encouraged to talk about cancer treatment
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