Malnutrition 'must be considered in care of the elderly'

A healthcare professional has highlighted need for a greater focus on preventing malnutrition when taking care of the elderly.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, resident GP on BBC's The One Show, claimed that older people are the most at risk when it comes to malnutrition.

She said it can be a problem when they have recently been in hospital or if they have serious illnesses such as cancer or Parkinson's disease.

Dr Jarvis made her comments following research conducted by Markettiers, which showed that carers are often missing the symptoms of malnutrition when taking care of the elderly.

"They are people who have got other medical conditions who are maybe generally frail or who are for instance people who can't cook and eat very well for themselves," she explained.

Malnutrition is defined as any state where a person is not taking enough of something - this can include, among other things, vitamins, minerals or calories.



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Malnutrition 'must be considered in care of the elderly'
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