Lifestyle choices 'could reduce stroke risk'

Positive lifestyle changes could cut down on the risk of stroke, the British Heart Foundation has suggested.

According to Cathy Ross, a senior cardiac nurse at the charity, losing weight has "beneficial effects on health in general and on cardiovascular health".

Her comments follow a report from Ben Gurion University in Israel, which found that long-term healthy weight loss diets "significantly reversed" the process of the narrowing of arteries from fat build up.

This narrowing, known as carotid artery atherosclerosis, is a direct risk factor of strokes.

Ms Ross added: "Maintaining a healthy body weight and shape is vital in reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. Current advice is to have a balanced diet high in fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fat."

Portion size and physical activity are further two ways through which the nurse suggested that patients can retain a healthy weight.

She added that those aged 40 or over should see their doctor about a cardiovascular risk assessment.

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Lifestyle choices 'could reduce stroke risk'
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