Life insurance for people with HIV

Life insurance Lloyd’s insurer Kiln is offering life insurance to people diagnosed with HIV, without the need to undergo time consuming medical examinations or wait for the provision of medical reports.

The recently relaunched policy, known as Harbour, is specifically designed for those with HIV. Life insurance of either £10,000 or £25,000 is available under Harbour, but optional accidental death cover of up to £200,000 significantly increases the level of coverage.

HIV is one of the fastest growing serious health conditions in the UK, with more people living with the condition than ever before. According to the Health Protection Agency there are currently around 83,000 people living with HIV in the UK. 18,000 people with HIV have died in the UK since the early 1980s, but the development of effective anti-HIV drugs means they can stay healthier for longer.

Better treatment has helped turn HIV into a potentially chronic, rather than fatal, condition. In the way many people live with serious chronic conditions such as diabetes, those with HIV can keep the disease under control for many years with effective medical care.

However, few insurers are willing to offer life insurance to people diagnosed with HIV. It is a common misconception that HIV is uninsurable, but this is not the case with advances in treatment. People that have been diagnosed with the disease should not be denied access to insurance purely because they are HIV positive.

Kiln’s Harbour policy was developed with Pulse Insurance to be relatively quick and easy to obtain. Uniquely, applicants need only fill out the specially designed application form and they will not be required to submit to a medical examination or wait while the insurer asks for reports from their healthcare professional. The application process is very simple.

Pulse specialises in arranging life insurance for people in high-risk occupations or with existing conditions like cancer. Underwriters can assess the risk and have cover in place within five working days, far quicker than the quoting process of the handful of the life insurers that also offer insurance to those with HIV.

Affordability of cover is also an issue for those with HIV, as people with pre-existing conditions are higher risk and therefore subject to higher than average premiums. One of the advantages of Harbour is that potential policyholders can use simple charts to calculate what cover they can afford, given their age and the amounts of insurance they require. For a premium of £50 per month a 34 year-old male can purchase £25,000 of life insurance and £50,000 of accidental death cover.

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Life insurance for people with HIV
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