Laser liposuction 'next big thing'

Laser liposuction is set to be the next big thing in fat-reducing procedures, plastic surgeons have claimed.

The techniques used are minimally invasive, cause little or no bruising to surrounding tissue and patients can be back to their usual routines within two days.

"It's the next generation of liposuction with better results and less trauma to the body," said plastic surgeon Neil Sadick.

Previous advances in liposuction techniques such as the use of ultrasound have typically left patients with bruising which can mean full recovery takes several weeks.

Lasers rupture fat cells like miniature bubbles, allowing them to be reabsorbed by the body in smaller concentrations or removed with a tube in larger amounts.

Lasers can also reduce associated 'sculpting' work as they promote new collagen formation, producing immediate tightening.

Costs are similar to traditional techniques and no patient has yet reported any adverse side effects from treatment.

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Laser liposuction 'next big thing'
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