King Edward VII’s Hospital new treatment for enlarged prostate

King Edward VII's Hospital is proud to announce it is the first private hospital in the UK to use the new American Medical Systems Greenlight XPS laser system for the treatment of Bladder Outflow Obstruction or enlarged prostate.

This new system builds on the existing Greenlight PV and HPS laser systems to offer enhanced treatment efficiency.  By increasing the area of the laser beam by 50% and the power of the system, Greenlight XPS improves the rate of vaporisation but maintains the safety profile of PV and HPS, with the same depth of vaporisation and coagulation being achieved to minimise potential complications.                                                                                                                                                    Greenlight XPS is also twice as fast as the earlier systems and is able to cauterise ruptured vessels to reduce bleeding more quickly and thoroughly.

Bladder Outflow Obstruction will affect more than half of all men over the age of 60, and by the age 80 this figure rises to 80 per cent. Symptoms include a reduced urine stream, struggling to urinate, frequency of urination, and a feeling that the bladder never completely empties.

Consultant Urologist at the King Edward VII’s Hospital, Mr David Badenoch, says: “Bladder Outflow Obstruction will affect most men when they reach later life.  This fabulous new technology, halves the time needed to remove affected tissue.  The greater efficiency of the system means that we can reduce the risks of complications, leading to quicker recovery rates.”

John Lofthouse, CEO of King Edward VII’s Hospital comments: “Having this new system available gives our patients access to the most up-to-date technology and care. The Greenlight XPS laser system really is at the top end of medical technology, and means shorter hospital stays for our patients, as well as reducing costs for the hospital.  It builds on the long-standing principles of traditional care married with the latest and best treatment solutions from around the world.”

As part of a programme to educate doctors on the new system, the King Edward is organising a GP Educational evening at the Hospital in the 4th July. The evening will offer the chance to GP’s to question the Hospital’s consultants on a range of Urological topics as well as learn more about the Greenlight XPS laser system.

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King Edward VII’s Hospital new treatment for enlarged prostate
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