How to combat back pain

Thousands of people’s lives are blighted by the misery of back pain each year. A bad back can be caused by anything from an accidental trip or slip at work to the stresses of childbirth, or even just twisting awkwardly while getting up out of a chair.

Pain results from a sprain or strain of the muscles, ligaments, joints or discs in the back and can be very debilitating for the individual. The discomfort can be so bad that it can be very difficult to move, let alone go out to work or chase round after your small children.

In most cases, the pain is due to minor damage to the ligaments and muscle and may occur from sitting or standing in the wrong position, straining the muscles when lifting or twisting, or from being overweight. Sometimes back pain is caused by a slipped disc or disease in the spine itself, muscle tears or an abnormal curvature of the spine.

Everyone can be affected by back pain, but it's more common in those who are overweight or who sit slouching for long periods of time. It is possible to prevent low back pain, or reduce the chance of it recurring. Being fitter and developing a strong back and good posture will help to reduce the risk. It is also advisable to learn how to lift safely, whether it's children or suitcases, ensure you know how to pick something up without putting unnecessary strain on your back.

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How to combat back pain
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