Hospital Group launches specialist drinks range for bariatric patients

The Hospital Group has developed a range of drinks and shakes specially tailored for those undergoing bariatric surgery.

The Hospital Group recognised that it is very difficult to find a liquid diet which is both nutritious and well balanced. They therefore saw the need to develop a product which would be suitable for patients’ dietary needs both pre and post-operatively.

The CliniKcal range includes chocolate, strawberry and banana shakes for those who need to follow a strict diet before undergoing surgery and can also be used by dieters looking for a fast and simple weight loss plan. It can be made by using milk or water depending on a patient’s dietary requirements and a shaker bottle is supplied with every order.

As well as the shake, the range also includes a multivitamin drink which can aid healing and recovery. The Multivitamin drink 30 contains vitamins, mineral, fruit extracts and anti-oxidants and is available in two delicious flavours- citrus and passion fruit, to please every palette.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “Undergoing any form of surgery has an effect on the body and our team of patient care co-ordinators and medical staff work very closely with our patients to ensure they are in the best physical condition prior to treatment.

“We are always looking to continually improve our service and the development of these drinks means our patients are in the best physical condition for optimal recovery.

“This is the first time anyone has been able to provide such unique and tailored products for those who are undergoing weight loss surgery.

“Gastric band, bypass and sleeve patients all need a liquid diet both pre and post operatively, while gastric balloon patients follow a liquid diet after the procedure. Using these drinks means patients no longer have to worry about if they are getting the right vitamins and minerals.

“At The Hospital Group our consultants are on hand to offer professional advice on combating obesity and ensure that the patient understands weight loss surgery isn’t a quick fix and they would need to work with their choice of treatment to maintain a more manageable and healthier weight.”

A 7 day supply of shakes can be bought in The Hospital Group’s clinics for £75.00 and the MultiVitamin drink can be purchased for £39.99 for 30 sachets.


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Hospital Group launches specialist drinks range for bariatric patients
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