Home carers 'need support'

Some of the difficulties of home came have been highlighted by a new report.

Carers UK found that it is increasingly difficult for those who look after a loved one to provide a nutritious meal for their families and themselves.

A quarter of carers in the UK are underweight, while one in six of those who receive home care are at a serious risk of suffering from malnourishment, according to the report, titled Malnutrition and Caring: The hidden cost for families.

The group is concerned about the findings and states more must be done to help primary care providers in the UK.

Speaking about the results, Andy Burman, chief executive of the British Dietetic Association, said: "The perception of malnutrition is limited to third world countries when the sad truth tells a very different story.  In 2012, malnutrition is a major issue on our very own doorstep."

Age UK states that malnutrition can also be a problem in some British hospitals.


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Home carers 'need support'
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