Health insurance is the top water cooler conv

New research, commissioned by Norwich Union Healthcare reveals that the state of our health has replaced our obsession with the weather.  Over three quarters of UK adults admit to feeling comfortable openly talking about health concerns and ailments with friends and families, colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers.

Top places to talk about health:

1.     Family events, 76%

2.     Work, 68%

3.     Dinner parties, 55%

4.     Pubs/ bars, 52%

5.     Hairdressers, 40%

6.     School gate, 17%

Some people even admitted to openly discussing health problems in church and on public transport

The research says that previously taboo topics are now discussed as part of everyday conversation. In fact, three quarters say they discuss health and wellness issues as often as other topical subjects such as sport, the economy and the weather. And it's not just the younger generation that feel comfortable chatting about private matters. Older people, from a previously more inhibited Britain, also admit to feeling relaxed sharing health problems with the over 65s leading the way.

The research highlights the important role that the media plays in this cultural shift. Over two thirds say that they feel more confident about their own health because of the wealth of information that is now available to them via the media.

Gil Baldwin, Managing Director of Norwich Union Healthcare, says: "This research suggests that health education through the media has a very direct affect on individuals' wellbeing and journalists should be congratulated for exploring such a breadth of issues and breaking down taboos"


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Health insurance is the top water cooler conv
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