Hands up to those who drive convertibles

Don’t forget to protect your hands even on the greyest of days warns London’s leading Plastic Surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides (FACS EBOPRAS) of 111 Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic.

Convertible cars seem to be everywhere you look in London these days but how many drivers protect their hands?  An ever increasing number of women spend thousands of pounds over the years battling the effects of ageing on their faces but neglect to look after their hands which can be the biggest giveaway of true age.

There are treatments available that can help reduce the signs of sun damage, but ultimately prevention is better than cure; simple hand creams with sun protection (factor 20 and above) applied regularly, even on cloudy days are imperative to avoid telltale ageing.  Signs of premature ageing can be pigmentation spots, stretched skin that begins to look wrinkled and protruding veins or tendons as youthful tissue padding is lost (think Madonna).

Nurture your hands at night or at the very least try to moisturise regularly throughout the day. Good quality creams don’t have to be expensive either; consider the Nivea brand.

Never wash up, garden or change the car tyres (!!) without protecting your hands with gloves.  Keep a tub of hand cream in every handbag and by every sink in the house – applying hand cream soon becomes habitual.

Ultimately don’t despair if you think it’s too late; at 111 Harley Street they can re-hydrate with Restylane Vital, re-surface and renew collagen with Fraxel Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light) and replace vital lost volume with soft tissue stimulant Sculptra.

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Hands up to those who drive convertibles
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