Expatriates living longer

Western Europe’s changing demographic means we are experiencing a sharp increase in the number in over 65s living longer and healthier lives than their own parents. The greater numbers of people living longer doesn’t however take away the inevitable increase in age related medical procedures and surgery.

Couple this with the increased numbers of British people who are retiring to countries such as France, Spain and Italy, and you have an acute need to make sure the right medical insurance is in place to meet these costs.

One of the most common surgical procedures related to old age is hip replacement. Professor Silman of Manchester University published a report nearly 10 years ago, estimating that the number of hip replacements will increase by 40% over the next 30-year period, due to demographic change alone. NHS data backs up this report, as 2005 figures show 60,820 hip operations were carried out compared with 40,608 in 1999.

The costs of hip replacement can vary a great deal depending on which country you have retired to. France is the cheapest, based on being treated in a public hospital as a private client, the cost being around £5000. Italy comes in at £7,000, whereas Spain is almost twice as expensive, with hip replacement operations coming in at £9,000.

In light of this, it pays to ensure that you have the right medical cover if you’re retired and living in Continental Europe. David Pryor of MediCare International says: “Medical procedures generally associated with old age are set to increase significantly with our changing demographics. It pays to ensure that you have the right healthcare cover, so you can enjoy your retirement with peace of mind.”

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Expatriates living longer
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