Exercise 'can boost mood'

An expert has suggested that taking regular exercise can be a significant mood-enhancer for those struggling with anxiety or depression as well as helping to make wider lifestyle changes.

According to Ann Finnemore - owner of hypnotherapy and stress management firm Getting You There - physical activity can trigger the release of endorphins, providing a natural boost and making it easier to cope with everyday strains.

"Exercise is good for lifting the mood," she explained. "Exercise also helps by giving the person a sense of achievement and by providing some time out from the routine stresses of the day."

Ms Finnemore added that although exercise is generally positive for both physical and mental wellbeing, it is possible to do too much and frequently spending several hours a day in the gym can in fact have a detrimental impact.

Her remarks came after research from Southern Methodist University suggested those who are more active may be less likely to suffer panic attacks and develop other related disorders.

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Exercise 'can boost mood'
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