DoH figures reveal infertility treatment vari

New figures from the Department of Health (DoH) have shown that fertility centres across the UK greatly differ in the criteria needed to get access to IVF treatment.

The survey from the DoH looked at 151 primary care trusts across the country, with quite differing information.

While the majority (98) of trusts said that they would only fund one cycle of infertility treatment, 32 would fund up to two cycles and seven said they would even fund up to three, while 14 trusts did not fund IVF at all or did not provide the information for their services.

Additionally, parents who already had children were denied infertility treatment in 59 hospitals, while in 42 trusts, couples were required to have either been in a relationship together or been trying for a baby for a designated amount of time.

Lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking, weight and drug use, were taken into consideration in less than half of all centres surveyed. Age restrictions were also varied in 23 different trusts.

Speaking to the BBC, Susan Seenan from the charity Infertility Network UK said that they were working with the DoH to come up with a more even scheme that would "put an end once and for all to the unfair postcode lottery experienced by infertility patients".


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DoH figures reveal infertility treatment vari
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