Doctor praises life-saving BMI surgeon

A retired Derbyshire doctor who spent more than 40 years as a GP, is now recovering after a life-saving operation in which two-thirds of his liver was removed.

Seventy-eight-year-old Dr Peter Adler had been diagnosed with liver cancer and says that, at his age, he didn’t think he had a chance of being successfully treated.

But just seven weeks after the operation, performed by Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon Mr Iain Cameron at BMI The Park Hospital in Arnold, Nottingham,  he is going for short walks with wife Eve and ‘pottering  about’ in the garden of their home in Morley, Derbyshire.

Dr Adler qualified in 1960 and was a GP in the Luton area for many years before moving to Morley and working as a locum around the Derbyshire region. But he says that, despite a lifetime working in medicine, he is still amazed by the way the medical world continues to develop at ‘an unbelievable pace’.

“I qualified before the first ever heart transplant was carried out and long before the first test tube baby was born so I have seen a lot of changes over the years but it really does amaze me how things continue to change.

“Things that wouldn’t have been possible just a few years ago are now considered routine. I am sure that if I had developed this liver cancer just a few years ago there would be very little they could have done for me.

“Now, thanks to the brilliance of Mr Cameron and his team at BMI The Park, we are looking forward to the future when we hope to spend lots of time with our three daughters and our grandchildren.”

Dr Adler was originally being treated by the NHS but was covered by health insurance. He was directed to BMI The Park by cancer specialists keen to have the operation carried out as quickly as possible.

Mr Cameron is part of Trent Biliary Surgery, a team of consultants who specialise in the surgical management of gallbladder, liver and pancreas disease and advanced laparoscopic surgery.

He said: “There is a huge and ever increasing demand for high-dependency beds within the NHS so we were able to help relieve their workload and offer Dr Adler an immediate appointment at BMI The Park, where five new high dependency beds have been created.”

He said: “We have made great progress in the area of liver surgery in the past decade in England, and this is reflected by the number of operations for liver cancer in Nottingham, which have doubled in the last three years.

“Because of his age, Dr Adler would probably not have even been considered for such an extensive operation five years ago, but now, because of the way treatments have improved, he can hopefully he can look forward to spending many more years with family and friends.” 

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Doctor praises life-saving BMI surgeon
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