Penny Wraith of comments on critical illness: “Whatever way you wish to view this, nobody really ever thinks that the worst is going to happen to them. In a way this is quite normal, having a positive attitude that a critical illness will not impede in their lives, particularly within the younger generations. However placing a stark and quite dampening blow to the myth, it is very surprising how many individual have or will develop a critical illness at some point during their lives. Even in younger Britons the actual number of reported critical illnesses has risen steadily over the years with the odds of 1 in 3 people developing some form of cancer and the diets of many preparing them for cardio vascular problems that can lead to strokes or heart attacks even early on in life. So there is a really important call for individuals to either change their lifestyles and also to consider taking out critical illness insurance. This type of cover works in real time, to help a claimant whilst they are alive as compared to life insurance that is only paid out after the death of an individual. It makes sense to protect yourself against a growing threat or take active measures to minimise the chances of you gaining a critical illness. However there is little to stop healthy individuals from suffering from any one of the 150 or so recognised illnesses today.”

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