Cosmetic surgery 'popular after break up'

Cosmetic surgery is popular after the break up of a relationship, it has been suggested.

Michael Cohen, medical director of the Cosmetic Surgery Centre of Maryland, told the Washington Post that a lot of women are coming into his surgery either just before or just after a divorce to "make themselves feel a little bit better".

The comments chimed with those of the Harley Medical Group, which claimed that cosmetic surgery can help to boost self image.

Dr Cohen added that some of his patients see their procedures as "payback" for cheating husbands or bad relationships.

However, Phil Haeck, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, noted that sometimes people are putting themselves "back on the market" after a long-term relationship and feel the need to improve their looks to give themselves the best chance.

The Harley Medical Group noted that a good cosmetic surgeon will not rush anybody in a vulnerable position into treatment.

Instead the doctor will "help people ensure they are in a fit state to have cosmetic surgery, mentally as well as physically".


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Cosmetic surgery 'popular after break up'
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