Cosmetic procedures after obesity surgery

The number of people seeking cosmetic surgery procedures following obesity surgery is growing, according to researchers.

Obesity surgery is becoming increasingly common and, while it helps severely overweight people to lose weight, it also leaves excess, loose skin as the patient becomes slimmer.

A new review, authored by plastic surgeons from New York and published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, contains information on various procedures that can be conducted following massive weight loss.

Many patients choose a procedure known as a belt lipectomy, where excess skin is removed from the entire circumference of the waist and hips, as well as removal of excess skin and tissue from the upper arms and thighs.

In addition, male patients often have excess skin and tissue removed from the sagging breast area, while women frequently opt to have a breast lift and implants.

"Massive post-surgical weight loss leaves most with unsightly excess folds of skin and fat, and in some ways the patient can actually look worse, not better," commented Dr Jason Spector, lead author of the review.

Dr Spector said that body contouring procedures could provide an "amazing transformation, a return to health and confidence".

"And as we perform more and more of these procedures -- some surgeons are now well into the hundreds of cases -- we're bound to get better at them, refining techniques and improving outcomes even more," he added.


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Cosmetic procedures after obesity surgery
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