Consumer Panel wish list highlights four 2011 priorities

The Financial Services Consumer Panel has four key priorities for 2011 to give consumers a better deal.

Consumer protection has to be at the forefront of policymakers' minds during 2011.  The government's anticipated financial services reform bill should mark a step-change in putting good consumer outcomes at the heart of its thinking.

Top four 2011 priorities for consumers:

  • A powerful, proactive regulator - the proposed Consumer Protection and Markets Authority must have stronger powers to take tougher action to offer better consumer protection
  • Higher industry ethical standards - ensuring providers stick to the rules and have the highest ethical standards and staff training
  • Access to meaningful advice and straightforward products - consumers deserve unbiased financial advice and consumer financial information and products that do what they say on the tin
  • Increased transparency - the FSA in 2011 and the new financial regulators that follow should have a presumption of publication so the public can make informed choices.
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Consumer Panel wish list highlights four 2011 priorities
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