Complete travel package from Axa

AXA Assistance, iJET, and G4S have formed a new global partnership to provide full travel risk management and protection services for business travelers and expatriate staff working overseas. The companies have combined their expertise to create a comprehensive and integrated global travel risk management solution that will provide protection for staff when traveling to or living in countries worldwide.

Customers will receive:

  • Medical assistance, provided by AXA Assistance medical teams, and a full range of medical services from advice and coverage of medical costs for top quality specialists and hospitals, to medical repatriation
  • Global travel intelligence, tracking and communication from iJET, providing online destination information, travel advice and email threat alerts; giving managers the capability to monitor threats to travelers and expats – as well as to contact employees at risk
  • Security support from G4S in 120 countries through its specialized risk consulting business, Hill & Associates – giving advance trip planning, training, advice and support to allow companies to prepare for, understand and manage any crisis that may arise.

Business travelers and expatriate staff will be able to access the unified service online or by calling a dedicated command centre. Companies signed up to the service can offer their employees a complete package of protection via a single contract with centralized management procedures and standardized processes, no matter where they are in the world.



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Complete travel package from Axa
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