Coffee break face lift now available

A new procedure has landed in the UK that promises a complete facial refresh in only seven minutes.

The Aesthera PPx treatment was approved for use in the USA last May and reduces the look of veins, scars, sun spots and blemishes.

The light-based therapy uses a vacuum to treat skin and reduces the traditional laser therapy side effects like scarring, burning and redness.

Mel Braham, chairman of the Harley Medical Group told the Daily Mail: "Patient demand for fast and effective treatments for skin conditions has been insatiable for the past 12 to 18 months."

The approval comes at a crucial time for cosmetic surgery in the UK, as Mr Braham recently announced that men are increasingly looking to cosmetic surgery to retain their "youthful appearances."

PPx treatment requires no pre-operative prep and no recovery time, making it a viable option for busy city life and dubbing it the "coffee break face lift."


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Coffee break face lift now available
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