Brow lift surgery 'opens up face'

Cosmetic surgery experts have predicted a boom in the number of patients seeking procedures this year, with widespread media coverage and reality television shows propelling the trend into consumers' front rooms.

One of the treatments that is growing in popularity is the brow lift, which costs around £3,000 at private clinics and can help to correct drooping brows.

The procedure, which was performed on 868 people in 2006, can help to make people look younger and can also make a person's facial proportions more desirable.

Cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis told the Daily Mail: "I think the most beautiful faces have a balance of one-third forehead, one-third mid-face, and one-third lower face."

Mr Karidis said that he sometimes performs the procedure on younger women who simply want a higher hairline.

"It brightens and opens up the face. Patients can go home the same day," he revealed.

"In the right hands, it can give a real lift to the brow, smooth out lines and give the illusion of a wider, higher forehead."


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Brow lift surgery 'opens up face'
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