Britons underestimate private treatment cost

Britons consistently underestimate the cost of the treatment they receive, according to new research by private health insurer Legal & General Healthcare.

Legal & General asked 5,000 people to estimate the cost of six common medical procedures.

The findings show that Britons seriously underestimate the cost of common medical treatments by over a third.

Table of results:

Medical procedure

Estimated cost

Actual cost


Cataract Removal






Varicose Vein Treatment






Heart Bypass






Hip Replacement






Hernia Repair






Knee Replacement






Of the six medical procedures covered by the research,the cost of cataract removal was the most under estimated. Over two thirds thought the cost was £1,362, 58% below the actual value of £3,275.

Tessa Webster, Customer Services Director at Legal & General HealthCare says: "Few are aware of the actual costs of treatment should they need an operation, which only the minority can afford if they have to pay it themselves."

Private health insurance can provide an affordable way to budget for the cost of treatment.

Legal & General recently launched a new private medical insurance plan, HealthCare Choices.


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Britons underestimate private treatment cost
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