British women seek to lose 'bridesmaid's bulge'

Women have found yet another part of the body to target with cosmetic surgery, an expert has revealed.

According to Dr Paul Cronin, from the mind, body and facial rejuvenation centre Eternal Youth, patients have been asking him to tackle an offending piece of flesh that appears beneath their armpits.

He explained: "Technically, it's the anterior anxillary fat pad, but I think the 'bridesmaid's bulge' is more catchy - it has certainly caught on here.

"We have all seen those wedding photos when the older bridesmaids are forced to wear unflattering strapless dresses. That's when you notice these folds of flab sticking out at the sides, below their armpits. That's the bridesmaid's bulge."

Dr Cronin revealed that many patients at his Alderley Edge clinic have been asking for procedures such as the new Vaser Liposelection, which breaks down fat and allows it to dissolve naturally into the body, in order to tackle this problematic cosmetic condition.

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British women seek to lose 'bridesmaid's bulge'
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