British teeth yet to catch up with Americans

Cosmetic dentistry is common in the US but, while it is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, Brits are yet to catch up with Americans in terms of the quality of their smile, it has been claimed.

Americans tend to aspire to perfect, white teeth and the majority have braces at an early age to ensure their teeth are in tip-top condition.

In contrast, the majority of British people sport a more natural smile and are yet to jump on the cosmetic dentistry bandwagon.

However, cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening are certainly becoming more common and many patients, including 36-year-old Jenny Horton, have opted to pay for a nicer smile.

Ms Horton told the BBC: "The first thing I notice on people is their smile.

"I wanted a confidence boost - I was putting my hand over my mouth before, now I can smile. And the compliments have come flooding in. People haven't noticed my teeth, but say I look well."

However, experts caution that consumers should avoid buying over-the-counter whitening products and visit a qualified practitioner to avoid problems.

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British teeth yet to catch up with Americans
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