Blood therapy provides new non-surgical cosmetic treatment

A London-based cosmetic doctor has started offering a new non-surgical cosmetic treatment that involves patients' own blood.

During the procedure, which is known as S3 Therapy, the patient provides samples of their own blood, which is enriched with vitamins and amino acids before being injected into their face.

According to cosmetic doctor Daniel Sister, the technique can help to rejuvenate dry, wrinkled and ageing skin without the need for chemical fillers and peels.

"I thought, if serum therapy was good enough for bones and soft tissues like gums, then it could do even better in the skin," Dr Sister told the Daily Mail.

The technique is thought to work thanks to the natural growth factors that are found in serum - the watery fluid left after blood cells and clotting proteins have been removed - which help to promote healing and repair damage.

Dr Sister is widely regarded as a pioneering cosmetic doctor, having introducing many new treatments in the UK.

For instance, he was the first in the country to use Laser/Elos treatments, carboxytherapy and the VIPeel.

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Blood therapy provides new non-surgical cosmetic treatment
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