Big Brother’s Chantelle experiences veneers disaster

Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother star, Chantelle Houghton, has revealed the agony and disappointment she experienced with cosmetic dentistry when she chose to have traditional veneers fitted. 

Chantelle revealed: “I had 20 teeth shaved down to stumps in one appointment. It was hell.”

“When I left the clinic five hours later I was in agony.  It felt like electricity was running through my teeth.  I got horrific aches in my jaw – it felt like I couldn’t relax the muscles or bite down properly – which began to impact on the nerves around my ears, so my hearing started to go.”

Unfortunately, it emerged that the veneers were too big and the dentist had caught the roof of her mouth with his drill leaving an infection.

“I thought, ‘Wow, a Hollywood smile – yes please,’” she told Now magazine, as she was offered £25,000 of treatment for just £6,000, “But it turned into the makeover from hell.”

It is surprising that so many celebrities still choose traditional veneers, when there are alternatives, offered by cosmetic dentistry specialists such as The Hospital Group.  Pain-free veneers are as thin as a contact lens and fit over your teeth without any painful grinding or drilling.  They are quick, effective and strong.  However, this new treatment is not available everywhere and many dentists still offer the traditional veneers, which are notoriously painful, sometimes for months afterwards.

David Ross, CEO of The Hospital Group, said “We are really disappointed to hear this story.  There is no reason why people should have to suffer pain for their veneers when new technology offers a much better solution.

We fitted our exclusive Nu-smile brand of pain-free veneers for Tina Malone and despite previously being a dental phobic, she found we transformed her smile in just 2 sessions with literally no pain or discomfort after the local anaesthetic had worn off. 

Because they are custom made for you, our expert dentists can also use the veneers deliver a perfect smile you may not have thought possible, so unattractive and unhealthy dental conditions can also be corrected including chipped teeth, cracked teeth, misshapen teeth, misaligned teeth, discoloured teeth and rotated teeth.  Our cosmetic dentists even offer a choice of “white” colours for the teeth and will recommend the right colour to flatter you.  We generally advise not to go “brilliant white” – a slightly more subtle shade is often more flattering.” 

The Hospital Group has an expanding network of cosmetic dentistry suites including London, Birmingham and Leeds.  They only work with specialist cosmetic dentists and offer a full range of treatments. The pain-free veneers are the most popular, but invisible braces (Invisalign) and teeth whitening are also top choices.


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Big Brother’s Chantelle experiences veneers disaster
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