Best weight loss diet 'depends on individual'

People who are trying to lose weight ahead of obesity treatment might be interested to learn that the best diet for them will depend on their own eating personality.

In the view of Dr Carina Norris, a nutrition consultant, eating three square meals a day will work really well for some people but others might need to eat smaller snacks on a more regular basis.

She explained: "If you think that you couldn't go without eating for several hours, go for small meals which includes healthy snacks.

"If the three square meals are good balanced meals, with a nice mixture of plenty of fruit and vegetables, some low fat protein and wholegrain carbohydrates, that can be fantastic as well."

The advice follows research conducted by Purdue University, which found that people tended to feel more full if they eat fewer, regular-sized meals containing high amounts of lean protein rather than eating smaller meals more frequently.


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Best weight loss diet 'depends on individual'
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