Allianz Worldwide Care policy updates

Allianz has made a number of changes to Healthcare Plans for individual business.

The key changes are

  • The names of Core Plans have changed as follows – Premier becomes Premier Individual, Select becomes Select Individual and so on
  • A new benefit for laser eye treatment has been added to the Premier Individual Core Plan (the insurer is one of the very few international health insurers to offer this benefit)
  • The Executive and Club Core Plans have been replaced by a new Core Plan called Club Individual, which has been enhanced with a number of new benefits which were not previously available on either the old Executive or Club Plans i.e. Expenses for one person accompanying an evacuated/repatriated person; laser eye treatment; psychiatry and psychotherapy and Emergency out-patient dental treatment
  • A new separate, optional Maternity Plan so that people who do not require this benefit can exclude it from their cover. This Maternity Plan, available to couples and families only, has a benefit for routine maternity and a benefit for complications of childbirth. An Out-patient Plan needs to be selected in conjunction with a Maternity Plan.

Premium rates have been adjusted in line with a move to separate rates per age and to account for medical inflation, a particular premium rate loading has been applied to members who are resident in Hong Kong or China. This is to reflect the particularly high (and rising) cost of medical care in these regions.

Allianz has moved from a system where they charged a rate per age band e.g. 31-35 or 36-40 years of age, to one where they charge a separate rate per individual age e.g. 31, 32, 33 and so on. They feel that this is a more accurate method of premium rate calculation, as it is based on a person’s actual age and associated level of health insurance risk. It will also ensure a more gradual rate change each year, avoiding the large premium increases associated with moving from one age band to another.

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Allianz Worldwide Care policy updates
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