Affordable private health insurance

With spending cuts and restructuring within the NHS, now is a good time to investigate taking out private medical insurance and with so many different types of policies available, it is more affordable than ever. Monthly premiums can start from as little as £25 per month, the key is finding the right policy with the level of cover you need.


There are a huge variety of types of cover, and this can be very confusing. There are many ways of tailoring your cover to arrive at the most affordable private health insurance to suit your needs. bestmedicalcover suggests a few ways you can reduce the cost of your cover:

Choose the level of cover you need and do not pay for cover you do not need – if you are not going to need maternity care for example, do not pay for it.

Buy limited cover – there are policies available that only cover major illnesses, so you know you are covered should the worst happen.

Hospital choice – plenty of insurers can reduce the cost of your policy by limiting the number or type of hospitals you can access without compromising speed and quality of treatment.

6-week option - this means you will not be able to claim for in-patient or day-patient treatment, or NHS cash benefit, if the NHS can treat you within six weeks.

Choose an excess – you can reduce your monthly premium by choosing a higher policy excess, generally between £100 and £1000.


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Affordable private health insurance
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