Aesthetic enhancement gaining popularity in Asia

Cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular in the East, according to experts.

Procedures which were once predominantly chosen by consumers in Europe and the US are now becoming common in places such as Japan and South Korea.

Eric Sundquist, vice-president for sales, aesthetics and hospital healthcare at the Swedish biotechnology firm Q-Med, suggested that the cosmetic surgery market in Asia will overtake that of the West in the future.

He told the Star Online: "In Japan the market is huge, and other Asian markets are now growing too.

"Asians are very beauty oriented compared to the West. In South Korea, seven out of ten women have done some kind of minor procedure."

Dr JJ Chua, a consultant cosmetic surgeon at the Mouth Elizabeth Medical Centre in Singapore, told the website that at least 50 per cent of the nation's doctors are involved in aesthetic work.

He revealed: "Many family doctors have integrated some aesthetic treatment, which are generally non-surgical in nature, in their practice."

As a result, Asian countries are also becoming popular among medical tourists who are keen to benefit from local doctors' expertise in cosmetic surgery.


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Aesthetic enhancement gaining popularity in Asia
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