Acupuncture 'not advisable' during infertilit

Researchers have warned that women should avoid having acupuncture while receiving infertility treatment.

Experts at the University of Oklahoma conducted a study on 97 patients, all of whom were undergoing infertility treatment.

Some of the women were given acupuncture for 25 minutes before and after an embryo was transferred to their womb.

The researchers found that the resulting pregnancy rate among women who did not receive acupuncture was significantly higher than in the group who underwent the ancient therapy - 69.9 per cent compared with 43.8 per cent.

Researcher Dr LaTasha Craig said: "The results of our study suggest women having fertility treatment should not be advised to have acupuncture."

The expert believes that the results may be due to the added stress of undergoing acupuncture.

She said: "If you take a high stress situation of driving in busy traffic and parking to get to an acupuncture session and then getting to your embryo transfer on time, the benefits of acupuncture may be counteracted by extra stress."

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Acupuncture 'not advisable' during infertilit
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