Abortion and breast cancer link: latest news

Women who choose to have an abortion before the birth of their first child have an increased risk of breast cancer it has been claimed.

A study which is published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons predicts an increase in the number of breast cancer diagnoses among women who have had an abortion before they have had their first child.

In fact, having applied their theory to England and Wales, researchers expect 64,252 such cases in the two countries in 2025 - up from 39,229 a year in 2004.

Labour MP Geraldine Smith has called for the matter to be looked into further, as although earlier research has validated this claim - and indeed suggest that abortion increases the chance of breast cancer by 30 per cent - other studies have refuted the link.

She also believes that the study raises important issues regarding the attitude of the British public towards abortion.

"This needs to be investigated properly. It is just another example of the possible physical repercussions women face," Ms Smith told the Daily Mail.

"Women sometimes enter into an abortion quite lightly and in some cases it is being used as a form of birth control.

"We know there are psychological repercussions and it is now being shown that there are physical repercussions."

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Abortion and breast cancer link: latest news
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