3-D consultations used by cosmetic surgeons

A cosmetic surgeon has used 3-D technology to simulate possible surgery on his prospective clients.

The Vectra 3-D from Canfield Imaging Systems is being used by Dr Brett Kotlus, a cosmetic surgeon currently working at the Allure Medical Spa in Michigan in the US.

Taking an image of the client's face or body, the machine is able to build a three-dimensional model of the patient for the doctor to work with.

Dr Kotlus commented: "This 3-D system has a clever interface that constructs a realistic, modifiable image that can be sculpted in the same way that cosmetic surgery would sculpt a nose or a breast.

"Within minutes, we can see possible surgical results."

Breast augmentation, nose reshaping and chin sculpting are the most common procedures for which three-dimensional simulations can be helpful.

However, Dr Kotlus predicts that this is only the "tip of the iceberg" with many more possibilities for three-dimensional consultations becoming available in the near future.


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3-D consultations used by cosmetic surgeons
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