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A patient's guide to hip replacement
Hip replacement

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Benefits of private hip replacement

Private hip replacement surgery accounts for around a third of all arthroplasty operations carried out each year in the UK. In 2008 for example, 23,443 of a total of 73,963 were carried out in independent hospitals. This is a remarkable statistic, considering the fact that a private hip replacement can cost between £7,000 and £9,000 if you don’t have private medical insurance. Clearly there are significant benefits to ‘going private’.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of private hip replacement is not having to wait as long for your operation. While waiting times in the NHS have improved significantly, you could still expect to wait 95 – 120 days for your operation – and that’s a long time to be in unnecessary pain. What’s more, you will have little choice about when you have your surgery, which can be inconvenient, given the lengthy recovery period. With a private hip replacement, you can have your operation within weeks, at a time that suits your schedule, and in the private hospital of your choice.


Private hip replacement means better facilities 

Hip replacement is a major operation and involves a lengthy stay in hospital – from around seven days at age 60, to over two weeks for patients in their 80s. Many people chose private hip replacement in order to get better facilities during their stay, including a private room, en suite bathroom, open visiting and higher quality food. With less pressure on beds, many people also feel private hospitals give them more time to recover before they are discharged.


Other advantages of private hip replacement 

There are also many other benefits to having a private hip replacement, rather than the same operation on the NHS. These include:


  • Private hip replacement patients have the reassurance of seeing the same surgeon and/or consultant throughout your treatment, rather than their junior colleagues. This will often be the same surgeon you initially saw under the NHS, but without the long wait.

  • You can choose your surgeon based on their success rates and experience. You might not get the same choice with the NHS.

  • Private hip replacement patients often get a wider choice of implants. There are over 60 options available but NHS patients may be offered little or no choice.

  • You will benefit from more personal, one to one treatment, from nursing care through to individual physiotherapy sessions after your arthroplasty.


Choosing private hip replacement 

Most people will not consider a hip replacement operation until their pain becomes intolerable and begins to have a serious impact on their daily lives. To discover at this point that you may have to wait for surgery and suffer for many more months of pain can be devastating. Private hip replacement offers a swift solution, with excellent facilities, top surgeons and personalised treatment. For many people, this means that private hip replacement represents excellent value for money.


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