The importance of post-surgical bras after cosmetic surgery

One of the most common questions for anyone planning breast augmentation, uplift or reduction is how to care for your “new breasts” in the early days and weeks after cosmetic surgery and, very specifically, what sort of post-operative garment to wear. In this article, The Hospital Group discusses the importance of selecting the correct garment.

Why a post-surgical bra is needed after breast surgery

Advice does vary depending on the patient, the procedure and the Surgeon, but after breast surgery, a special post-operative bra is recommended for the majority of patients.

Post-operative bras are specially designed for use after surgery and feature:

  • An upper band to apply the appropriate pressure for your breasts
  • Good support for your breasts
  • Comfortable soft shoulder straps with easy-to-adjust velcro fastenings
  • Front fastenings which you will find invaluable after surgery (imagine trying to reach for a back fastening hook!)

Sports bras are not designed for post-operative breast support

It is an urban myth that a supermarket sports bra will be suitable. The needs of supporting post-operative breasts and new implants are very different from those for a run around the block or a game of squash!

Always ask for advice before purchasing

Very occasionally, a Surgeon may recommend something different and specific. Do take the Surgeon’s advice and if you are at all unsure, ask again. 

The Hospital Group explains: “Taking good care of your breasts after surgery is vital to the healing process. We advise patients to spend time thinking about their post-surgical garment as good aftercare, support and compression make a difference to the finished result. We hear of patients who have spent thousands on surgery but picked up a supermarket bra for £4-5 and guessed at a size.

Post-surgical bras are designed very specifically to provide appropriate pressure to help your implants settle into place for a good surgical outcome. They also provide good support for the breasts to minimise movement so that the wounds can heal quickly and nicely to minimise the appearance of scarring.

Occasionally, a Surgeon may recommend use of a chest band to provide pressure and compression to the implants, rather than a post-operative bra. This may be the case if the patient has had sub-muscular implants. Normally a sports bra would be worn as well in these cases.

Individual advice is vital as needs do vary. Any good Cosmetic Surgery provider should provide clear advice on garments, aftercare and recovery. Having cosmetic surgery is a big investment – we urge patients to seek professional advice and not skimp on having the right garment.”


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The importance of post-surgical bras after cosmetic surgery
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