Kate Taylor

Nutritional Therapist

, West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Kate Taylor: Nutritional Therapist in West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

Founder of Eat Drink Think Nutrition®, Kate is a registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and registered Nutritionist (mBANT, CNHC) who holds face-to-face Consultations in West Sussex, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  Kate can also conduct Nutritional Therapy Consultations online (via Zoom). 


Kate’s particular areas of nutritional interest are skin and cognitive health, and by association allergies, gut and musculoskeletal health. She also offers the support needed to achieve general health through diet and lifestyle approaches.


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About Kate

Kate’s own experience of enduring a lifelong demoralising skin condition and witnessing the impact of cognitive decline made her question whether anything could be done to change these situations. Her subsequent study of Nutritional Therapy has equipped her with the knowledge and respect for the rejuvenating impact that food, diet and lifestyle can have on the mind, body and soul.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy follows the functional medicine philosophy of tailoring diet & lifestyle programmes to each individual and not just focusing on the symptom. It is based on the premise that there is no such thing as ‘the perfect diet’ since each person’s perfect diet is different.

The aim of Nutritional Therapy is to impart the understanding of food, diet and lifestyle needed to nurture and safeguard health and wellbeing. The services that Kate offers at Eat Drink Think Nutrition® are designed to impart sincere, bespoke an evidence-based recommendations with the aim of empowering each person to become the best possible version of themself.


Kate provides Nutritional Therapy programmes, recommendations and support in the areas of skin health, cognitive health, allergies, digestive and gut health, and musculoskeletal health.

She also provides Nutritional Therapy programmes, recommendations and support for blood sugar balance, chronic autoimmune conditions, energy, detoxification, sleep and stress and optimising overall wellness.

1:2:1 Clinic Consultations

At a bespoke, in-depth and confidential one-to-one Consultation, Kate spends 90 minutes at Initial Consultation, then 60 minutes at Follow-up Consultations discussing a Client’s personal nutrition, dietary and lifestyle needs.

On booking a Consultation, each Client is sent a link to their own encrypted portal containing a Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire and a three-day Food and Lifestyle Diary. These documents need to be completed and submitted at least 72 hours before the Initial Consultation.

Following every Consultation, Kate will provide an evidence-based, personalised programme recommending ways to make and sustain the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to support and improve health and wellbeing.

Kate is currently available for face-to-face consultations at The Spa at South Lodge in West Sussex, The Marlow Clinic in Buckinghamshire and TG Gym & Wellness in Henley-on-Thames.  Online consultations are also available. Book now

1:2:1 Clinic Consultations

Bronze, Silver and Gold packages available. Pricing on request, dependent on format and location.

Pantry Purifications

Organisation is the key to storing and selecting the most healthful food choices. During a 2.5 hour Pantry Purification session in the client’s own home, Kate will discuss, negotiate and reorganise the food storage areas to help alleviate some of the decision-making and time pressure associated with meal preparation. Book now

2.5 hr Pantry Purification  £250

Corporate presentations

Kate’s corporate presentations are designed to help Client’s and their teams regain motivation and productivity by means of straightforward nutrition, diet and lifestyle approaches. Each talk lasts for 45 minutes with an optional 15 minutes for questions, and can be delivered either in person in the workplace or remotely via an encrypted online platform. Book now

Corporate Presentations (45mins + optional 15 minutes for questions)

Prices start at £250 and vary according to location and presentation platform

What people say about Kate Taylor

Kate … It was a pleasure to meet you, I found you very knowledgeable about nutrition and inspiring.

by Jill

Kate … thank you so much for the presentation … our team really enjoyed it and learned a lot - in fact I’m eating a non-ripe banana as we speak.

by Cathy

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