Gastric sleeve with successful results

I decided to visit Mr Agrawal for a consultation in June 2011. Prior to this, I had been depressed about my weight for almost 10 years. I spent that whole time trying different diets, but ultimately still ended up putting on over 7 stone.

Mr Agrawal explained the procedure (Sleeve Gastrectomy) in more details and talked to me through each Weight Loss surgery option such as the Gastric Band & Bypass. It was agreed that the Gastric Sleevewas my best option. He also explained how Yo-yo dieting was very unhealthy and that the benefits of having the surgery for my health outweigh any surgery risks.

Although I may not have looked like a typical weight loss surgery candidate as I was size 18, to me, I needed to change the one thing in my life that was making me unhappy. I booked to have surgery on August 11th 2011. I met a dietician, Astrid and we went over the liver shrinking diet. I started this 2 weeks before my operation date and had full support the whole way though.

On the day of surgery, I met the nurses and anaesthetist and was shown my own private room. I felt nervous but they all made me feel relaxed, I needed a hand to hold because I was so nervous going into theatre and someone was always there for me to put me at ease.

After surgery, I woke up to the nurses and Mr Agrawal, all of whom were so considerate of how I felt, I never expected to be so well looked after to be honest. I was in for 4 days in total and by the 3rd I was out of bed, walking about, taking sips of crushed ice with pineapple juice and felt so relieved I was ok.

The support from Mr Agrawal and the whole team was outstanding. The aftercare was also brilliant and I could speak to the dietician, nurses or Mr Agrawal if I had any concerns, which I didn't to be honest. They were calling me to ensure I was ok.

After 18 months, I have lost over 90% of my excess body weight which was far more than me or Mr Agrawal expected, I feel so much more confident. I am more active, it has also encouraged me to do courses and take new career paths. I would recommend Mr Agrawal without any doubts and I am grateful to him for the new life I now have.

Maria Fethers


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