Cancerous lump removed from face

Lynda had the lump for approximately 2 years but when she first noticed it, it was small and looked like a cyst. She went to the doctor who twice applied liquid nitrogen to try and remove it but said if that treatment failed she would need to see a plastic surgeon.

The nitrogen didn’t work and then the lump changed in appearance and became much larger making Lynda very conscious about it as it was on her eye and everyone could see it. Because it had changed in appearance however, she became concerned it was cancerous and was referred to see Nick Parkhouse, consultant plastic surgeon at The McIndoe Surgical Centre. He confirmed it was a  basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and gave her a deep sedation as she didn’t want to be awake while the procedure was being done. The lump was removed surgically in May 2009 and she went home the same day. Once the incision healed you would never know she had ever had such a problem there as the scar isn’t visible at all.

Lynda  was delighted with the result and felt relieved that any cancerous lump was gone but also that she wasn’t left scarred or with eye problems.

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